Privacy Policy

Privacy policy is actually legal documents by which our company assures that the information collected from our clients should not be shared with any third party. To give essential service to the clients a   company requires certain necessary information of their clients. To serve the customer with our services, sometimes we require verifying the identity of the customer. The clients share their information with our company with important private documents with an assurance that this information should not be disclosed to anybody else. For the betterment of our services we may ask for any private information like customers phone numbers, address, and email id, date of birth or marital status.

The registration part on our website

We have an online form in our company’s website. To get the esteemed service of our company, the customer needs to provide all the information by filling the application form. Columns which are marked by asterisks are needed to fill strictly. We expect that all the customers provide the best possible information and the most accurate information. In the initial stage we do not do any documents verification, but if required, we may ask the customer to provide the proof of the information related to name, address and birth.

Protecting all the vital information of the client

We take all the responsibilities of keeping the personal information of the customer private and most importantly secured. We never share this information with a third party. Sharing of the information with any third party people is a legal offense and this may call for an imprisonment.Thus a privacy policy fulfills the legal steps to protect the private information of the clients. In our company website important information furnished by our client should not be published as anybody can access a website.So our clients should feel safe to share the required information with us.

Why we take information related to client’s identity?

Generally we collect information from our clients to avail them better service. They should be assured that we will not share anything with any third party and also we can assure our clients that they will not receive any kind of unsolicited emails. The reasons for which we have furnished the privacy policy in our website are as follows:

  • It shows that why we require personal information of the clients.
  • An oath to protect the information of the client.
  • Providing the best security for the client.
  • Sending no unsolicited mails from our side.
  • The clients do not need to register every time they want to get our service.


Summing up our privacy policy

We would like to inform all the clients that we are an esteemed organization and we provide service to make the client satisfied. Our main aim is the clients’ happiness and value for the money. If any client ever faces an issue of exposure of their identity to any third party, then the client can definitely file a lawsuit against the company and complete the legal procedures to get the desired result.