Push Down Negative Search Results

Do you know why are you losing customers/clients?

Major reason is your bad online reputation

80% Customers search for your name on the web before taking your services or products.

We Push down bad/negative links and increase positive links in search engines.


When we want to buy a product or opt for a service, we generally search in the internet. For web searching, we generally use search engine, especially Google. This is one of the most reputed search engines, offering unbiased search results along with excellent user-friendliness to users. With the advent of time Google is improving, and it also updates its core algorithm quite frequently.

This is the whole process described in an image:


Millions of people around the world use Google for searching something on the web. So, attaining good reputation on Google search result is always beneficial. For example, you sell a particular product. When people search in Google before buying your product, they must come across positive reviews and feedback on the product. It increases your product’s salability, and hence, fetches chance for making higher profitability.

Why Positive Google Search Results Are Important?

As stated earlier, positive Google search results are important for a company or a product or a brand. It builds good online reputation. With good reputation, you can increase your conversion rate as well as business profitability. Moreover, product life cycle is also expanded sue to positive online reputation. A product remains relevant for longer time, and it fetches revenue up to its potential for a company.

What If Your Have Negative Online Reputation?

Aftermath of negative online reputation is traumatizing for a any business. Whether it is a small business or large scale business – negative reputation is like nightmare. No matter how good products are manufactured by your company, you would not get response from potential buyers, as per your expectations. Negative online reputation will fetch low number of traffic for your business and furthermore it will lead to losses.

Push down Negative Search Results

To understand your reputation, you simply need to search Google with your company name. The first 2-3 pages are mainly important, as users do not search beyond them. If search results on these first pages of Google are negative, then you need every reason to worry. You need to plan for repairing your online reputation in that case.

What to Do with Negative Search Result?

Once your business or product earns a bad review from a customer, it is not removable. You can personally contact such customers and ask them to settle the matter in exchange of omitting the negative review. However, this process does not work on the long term and with a large scale of customers. So, it is better thinking of suppressing the negative Google results than omitting them or removing them.

How to Push down Negative Search Results?

Pushing down negative search results is not the easiest thing to do. It takes patience, experience and a lot of insight to do the job. This is why you need to find a good reputation management service provider. The aim should be pushing down the negative search results on Google by adding more positive reviews, notes, social media contents, blogs, etc. As the positive things start occupying first 2-3 pages of Google, negative search results naturally come down to 4th page of Google.