Remove Personal Information From Google

It is a widely accepted fact that the current culture of ours is moving to an online world. Moreover, the personal information about us that has been shared previously by our peer groups continues to be on significant online platforms. Hence, the time has come to erase these negative information from Google so that they are restricted to public access. Your private information would not feature in Google results. However, be aware that the reviews and photos on sites like Flickr could end up in Google search results. On the other hand, if you are on a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, you can change the settings of your account.

Remove Personal Information From Google

The removal of content that is located on a website which you do not own

At times, despite the best of your efforts, there are chances that your private information ends up online. In order to remove personal information from Google, in this case, you can opt for contacting the site owner. It is so because requesting Google is futile. Once you reach the owner of the site by removing harmful content, Google would automatically recrawl the page. In this manner, content related to personal information of yours would be removed from Google. You can also speed up this process and can request Google to delete the data from their index.

The removal of content when a site owner would not remove it

If you return empty-handed after contacting the site owner and your personal information is still there, you can contact Google. In this context, we would like to state that you can perform this step only for certain types of content. In this case, you can contact Google to remove information related to you. In order to remove personal information from Google, you can also request Google. For instance, Google phonebook uses third-party data to populate its listings. In this case, you can require Google not to display your residential address and contact numbers. However, you should note that your phone number would still be shown in Google phonebook even after you remove it.