Remove sites from Google search results

In many cases, it has been observed that Google may index a webpage or a part of site which you do not want your public to see. This may be vital if site is related with displaying negative content about your personal or company data. On the other hand, there may be various reasons behind your decision to blacklist certain sites from Google search results.

internet reputation management

For instance, there may be some information that has leaked to the search engine too early. On the other hand, the page itself can be deleted and you do not want your customers to see this deleted page. This is where the removal of sites from Google search results plays a pivotal role. You might also want to remove your site if it still displays the old information.

How to remove sites from Google?

If you are of the opinion to control or remove the site you want, you have to ensure that you first contact website owner. However, there are two preconditions that we would like to state in this scenario. First, you have to ensure that the website owner is read to remove that page indexed by Google is deleted. Another precondition to remove sites from Google search results is to create the positive content. In this context, it is important to note that building content of a new site takes a considerable amount of time.

Other considerations involved in the removal of a website

In order to remove sites from Google search results, you should always make sure that you track down the site address or the page that was mistakenly seen by Google. We would then advise you to contact website owner so that you can completely remove the pages. In case you have problems with the removal of sites, you can contact our experts.

Removing Content From Google Search

It is a widely observed fact that getting something from Google would imply various things to different people. However, with careful understanding, you would make sure that you remove harmful content from Google search results. On the other hand, if you remove material from search engines, but you cannot, you can undoubtedly bury it. It is also important to note that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing only depicts content that is currently on their websites. It is also interesting to note that search engines just describe information and links from other sites. You can let us know what type of content you wish to remove from Google and our experts would swiftly undertake action.

Removing Content From Google search

Understanding the problem

By removing content from Google search, you would make sure that you can increase your online reputation. Here are some instances of web pages that you can control. Like your blogger pages and a website that you own. Moreover, a WordPress site can also be controlled by you. You can even manage the My Business page on Google that you have created for your company. You can also remove your social media profile from Twitter and Facebook.

The type of content link that you want to eliminate

It is important to note that in removing content from Google search, you have to take into account the context of various relationships. Different methods can be used to suppress the information related to your content that crops up in a Google search. We would custom, create websites and assets on behalf of you that would bury your bad online reputation. Once, we create these online properties; we usually promote these online holdings so that they would rank high in authority within the search engines. In this process, we eventually suppress the occurrence of harmful content in the form of blogs and articles.

You can also opt for request removal if you own that particular site. In case, you do not hold that place, and you have to request the owner of the website to take care of the harmful content.

Remove Personal Information From Google

It is a widely accepted fact that the current culture of ours is moving to an online world. Moreover, the personal information about us that has been shared previously by our peer groups continues to be on significant online platforms. Hence, the time has come to erase these negative information from Google so that they are restricted to public access. Your private information would not feature in Google results. However, be aware that the reviews and photos on sites like Flickr could end up in Google search results. On the other hand, if you are on a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, you can change the settings of your account.

Remove Personal Information From Google

The removal of content that is located on a website which you do not own

At times, despite the best of your efforts, there are chances that your private information ends up online. In order to remove personal information from Google, in this case, you can opt for contacting the site owner. It is so because requesting Google is futile. Once you reach the owner of the site by removing harmful content, Google would automatically recrawl the page. In this manner, content related to personal information of yours would be removed from Google. You can also speed up this process and can request Google to delete the data from their index.

The removal of content when a site owner would not remove it

If you return empty-handed after contacting the site owner and your personal information is still there, you can contact Google. In this context, we would like to state that you can perform this step only for certain types of content. In this case, you can contact Google to remove information related to you. In order to remove personal information from Google, you can also request Google. For instance, Google phonebook uses third-party data to populate its listings. In this case, you can require Google not to display your residential address and contact numbers. However, you should note that your phone number would still be shown in Google phonebook even after you remove it.

Internet Reputation Repair

As the modern world got transformed in to a cauldron full of technological advancements and scientific progression, the colossal virtual network called the internet have indeed put a giant step in our life. On an honest note the daily life of the modern man someway revolves keeping the internet as the epicenter. Individuals as well as institutions are largely found on this platform as they try to promote themselves and their goodwill so that the world can see it. But sometimes things go bad and out of hand on the internet   and reputations bite the dust.

In such a situation the situation calls for internet reputation repairwhich is very much important to boost up the lost status of an individual or an organization. This is a process where all the negative reviews and impression gets nullified by tricks and tactics offered by agencies.

First Things First

If you find that the downfall of your internet reputation have gone down due to your fault, do have the courage to face your faults and apologize to public. There is no shame in admitting your error in front of your audience. Being adamant and rigid won’t do you a world of good to you. Be up front and connect with your audience no matter you are an individual or you are running an organization. When audiences find out that you are being apologetic, their psychology will change and their negative approach towards your page or portal will get diluted.

Calculate The Damage

The first step which you really need to take is analyzing the damage caused to you reputation on the net. If it’s of the first degree, then you don’t need to worry too much. A spotless span will help to overcome the situation. If you think that the situation is going out of hand and the masses are heavily against you or your organization and are commenting negative remarks on your posts and portal, then you really need to take professional help. The intensity of the problem is the platform on which your counter actions will depend on. The internet is a strange platform where things changes very fast and the masses just need a spark to change their attitude towards you.

Professional Help to Overcome Internet Reputation

There are agencies who give sound advice to both individuals and organizations to boost up their reputation. These agencies perform professional level analyze and go deep in the subject. They reach the root of the problem and detect the loopholes from where the status ranking went down. Some of the renowned agencies who have made a mark globally in providing this kind of services are SEOP, SEO Brand, WebiMax, Reputation Management Consultants and many more like these. You can check out their official websites on the internet and have a glance on how they work. Check out their service type and do get in touch with them if you need. Online internet reputation management services are also available which you can easily avail.

Web Reputation Management

Let’s look in to one of the most talked about management system which the world is talking about in the 21st century. Yes you got that one right as we would be discussing the whereabouts of web reputation management. This fieldof management is nothing but acts related to manipulating or regulating the reputation and status of a web portal.  This is indeed an intent subject and needs a whole lot of professionalism to deal with. With this management system a portal can boost up to a great extent or even face adverse effects which might put immense threat on its commencements.

A clear overview of the subject

When you deal with such an important topic you should also have a clear picture of its origin.  In every occasion when you post or upload any media file or textual content on any portal on the internet, it automatically creates a reputation on the website. On the other hand if someone post anything in your blog thread or on the wall of your social media network, your reputation will be very much affected either positively or negatively and you will really have nothing much to do about it.

Few questions which generally crop up while handling web reputation management


Well as this form of management is comparatively new to the human race, questions might be asked to gain full knowledge about its proceedings and operations. Some of the questions which are asked are what is the job of the management specialists out here? What is the real need behind taking help of this management system? Why is it impossible for an individual to monitor his or her reputation? Is it really impossible to delete anything forever which has showered negative impact on your web reputation?

These are few of the most commonly asked questions which one generally asks while dealing with this form of management.

Reputation management and Web Apps

In order to control and manage the reputation of the web portals, there are several web apps which have come in the market and are really doing a world of good. Some of them are Google Dash board,Trackur, TweetBeep, BackTweets, Technorati and many more like these. Developer have come up with these applications, developers have made the tracking much easier than what it used to be years back. Do check out the internet to know more about the apps.

Web reputation management services


There are service providers in the market whose service you can easily avail to boost up your reputation. Do get in touch with quality and reputed service providers who know the tricks to help you out in the most suitable way. These agencies will ask you what sort of help you need and on it their actions will be based on. This is indeed a two way communication process between the agencies and the clients to ensure the best result. If you really want to get your web reputation managed, it’s high time you get in touch with them.


Website Reputation Management

It has become an utmost importance to maintain the reputation of the company in the internet. The company must try, that their website features in the top 3-4 links of the Google search results. This can only happen if large number of customers visits the website frequently. More the website has visitors, the reputation of the company increases. The reputation of the website decreases if the number of reviews posted in the website is negative or customers abandons the product.

How website help customers?


With the advent of the internet in the field of technology, communication system flourished and people are facilitated in many ways. People now prefer to make a thorough research on the product or service before buying them from market or online. The e-commerce field has helped to buy the product online and check its specification on the internet. People can now check the reviews of various customers who have bought the product previously and also check the ratings they provided for each product or services. Thus it has become an utmost priority for the companies to have a website where from the customers can check the product details and the details of the provided service.


Why having a website is necessary?


Every company now focuses on making the coolest website for its customer. Every company has a special team designing the website in the most ethnic way and updates the website content pretty frequently. The companies provide with the feedback column in every website and people can post there feedback on the website of the company. It is obvious for every company that they are unable to provide the best service to the entire customer. Sometime there is defect in the manufacturing of the product or providing the service is hampered due to a fault of the service providers. Obviously the customer can register a complaint on the website of the company regarding the service they have received.


How reputation of the company gets hampered?

The reputation of the company may get hampered on various other issues also. There are hackers around the world. Sometimes they hack the website and disrupt the contents of the website. They also try to spam the website and hamper the website. The other ways in which the reputation of the website may get hampered is due to the act of the competitive companies. The competitive companies try to spread false rumors about the company and try to harm the reputation of the company online. The rumors are known to spread at a lightning speed and can hamper the reputation of the company over the internet.

Thus every company must have a special group of professionals who can manage the reputation of the website. The reputation of the website is very much required as it is difficult for the officials to manage or look into these issues every time. So with the help of a website reputation management company the companies can maintain their reputation in the market and industry.

Online Reputation Defender

Internet has taken a huge toll on the people all over the world. People are now much dependent on the internet for gathering the required information. People prefer to do a thorough research on the internet before buying any product or services. Every company has a website of their own to reach the customer base easily. In the website the company provides information’s related to the history of the company and its origin. The details and specification of the products are available in the company’s website. There are other forums also were the discussion related to the products and reviews on them are posted. Customers are known to post their feedback of the service and product on the internet. Thus the reviews and feedback of the product and the service helps to rate the company. People generally buy the product with which the customers are satisfied. Taking the reference of the review of the previous customers, people can opt to buy the product and service they want to buy.

Why defending the online reputation is necessary?

Defending the reputation of the company over the internet is very much necessary. The company must focus on their deeds. Any kind of bad deed done by the company can harm the reputation of the company. Generally the company’s perform CSR activities to reach the customer base and to attract customers. Faults in those activities or any kind of bad issue within the employees of the company if comes to fore front can harm the reputation of the company. Social media offers a platform for discussions of issues. These activities needs to monitor closely as the new can become viral very easily and rumors take much less time to spread.

How the defender helps

The customers are known to provide negative feedbacks about the products and services when they are dissatisfied. They generally post complain on the wall of the website. Sometimes it is not possible for the officials of the company to check the complaint. Thus a special team is required by every company who will notify the officials regarding any type of complain or negative issues that are posted on the internet. With the help of online reputation management companies it becomes easier for the officials to sort out the problem and take a look on them. The online reputation management company generally helps to defend these issues. If the negative reviews or feedback remain posted in the website with no suitable solution or reply to the problem, then other viewers can easily abandon the company website just by watching their unsatisfactory service provided.

The officials of the company must take up the issue of solving the problem that is persisting within the customers related to the services. They can provide free samples of the product to the customers or discounted offers to the customer. They must apologies for the fault that has happened in providing the service. Online reputation defender thus helps in providing solutions to the negative feedbacks that are posted on the website. The defender also provides a protective shield against the spammers around the world.

Remove Internet Defamation

Defamation is the way that can harm the reputation of a person. The act of defamation is something that harms the reputation of the person and his nature. People or company generally engages in this kind of act to attack the opponent and win the competition. An act of defamation is known to hurt the company’s reputation and legal issues arise related to it. This kind of defamation act is done generally to show the opponent as lower.  This is a punishable offence and can often call for imprisonment.

Why we remove internet defamation?

With the advent of the internet it has become easier for people to communicate. People had used this platform extensively to reach to the population. The companies have made online advertisement to reach out to the customer base early. People do not waste their time today in watching commercial ad; rather they prefer to search in the internet to look for their purpose. Any kind of false remark can hamper the companies profile and sale. Google search engine are known to show the search results to the customer. People can vary the reviews and ratings before buying the product and services. People do not go to the links that appear below the list. The reason for featuring them below the list is the negative feedbacks and customer complains. The reputation gets hampered when there is any type of misdeed from the company. Deeds of the company may have CSR activities included in it. Company takes up many CSR activities to reach people and the society. Any kind of problem and misbehavior from the employees of the company makes the misdeed. The news of their misdeed features in the social media. They can become viral any moment.

What is purpose of online reputation Management Company?

But these activities are not done by the company every time. Sometime the opposition company makes these false rumors for the company. They do this kind of activity to hurt the reputation of the company. To take away the customer focus is their sole target. When this kind of act is proven they ask for a case of defamation for the company who did that towards them. This act of defamation must be handed well and it asks for legal actions. The most severe action that can be taken against them is imprisonment. So the company must be careful about any such activity and call for action. It is always not possible for the officials to look after the false rumor made against them. A team is required who looks after the company reputation and the deeds they perform. They also monitor the customer feedbacks and takes action against them. The companies take the issue of defamation and notify the officials about the deed. Their sole purpose is to make them aware of the condition. Thus monitoring the defamation activity can help the company to regain its customer base. Action can also be taken against the offender. Thus this activity must be done by every company to  protect their status.

Protect Online Reputation

Protecting the online reputation of the company is a very serious issue. We need to protect the online reputation of the company. The reputation of the company is what the people or precisely speaking, the customer sees before buying any product or services. People generally log into Google to see about the product. All the information regarding the product is available in the internet and Google is the platform that provides us the information. When we search in Google with a keyword we get the desired results on the search list. The product links appear on the first 2-3 links of the Google search results. We generally look into the top 2-3 links that appear in the search result and takes the related information from there. The product link that features in the top of the list are generally the most favored product among the users. The reason for which they feature in the top of the list is due to their positive reviews and the feedback received from the users. The company who has their best reputation generally features in the top of the list.

How the reputation can be protected?

Protecting the reputation of the company is very much required to enjoy the highest revenue and profit. These companies are most favored by the users as the customer always wants to have the service of the best company that is available for the purpose. The company must always give the best support to the customer and must look after their services. The work does not remain confined in offering service or product only. This is also dependent on the customer’s satisfaction and their feedback. The company must also take up some CSR issues and serve the society. There CSR activities define their worthiness top the society. People also give a close attention to the reputation of the company. They look upon the past records of the company. They even consider the case of the scams and other types of misdeeds. Suppose a company is involved in any kind of bribing issues, then definitely the customer will not buy the service and product they produce in the market. For maintaining this thing a look into maintaining the online reputation is very much necessary.

How this company helps in protecting online reputation?

Online reputation of the companies needs to protect always. There are hackers all over the internet nowadays. Their main purpose is to harass the people. Theysend spams and crushes the website. Sometimes they also spread rumors that can actually ruin the reputation of the company. These things need to be monitored every time. These false stories makes round in the internet and after sometime it becomes viral. This can have a negative impact on the customers and buyers. It is not always possible fo0r the officials to monitor their website and look after the rumors that are becoming viral. Thus this company takes the issue of protecting the reputation of the company by providing some security measures.

Social Media Reputation Management

Reputation is a matter that people as well as businesses have been considering of late. It is now very vital businesses to keep an eye on and answer comments regarding them online. At first it was niches like hospitality and travel that had to actually monitor ORM. However things are different now. Niches like IT, telecommunication, Electronics, and even Sports and entertainment are giving greater consideration to their online repute.

In the decade gone by Social Media has developed greatly and modernized the internet world through its capability of connecting people and bringing them closer. This goes not just for individuals but for brands as well. Social Media helps a brand out in reaching out to their clients and communicating with them and thus plays a key role in ORM. Besides this more and more people are checking online before proceeding with any purchase. 70% of individuals try to find reviews online, check posts of their buddies and member of family and 90% have faith in reviews of additional buyer. From a B2B viewpoint 42% of people find the individuals they would be doing business with while 45% of individuals found out something from hunting that prompted them to change their minds. What superior place to be continuously seeking reviews compared to Social Media?

Moreover, a fresh survey informs us that 22% of individuals who have had a dreadful experience are expected to mention it online whereas as little as 9% of individuals who have had an excellent experience are going to do the same. All such numbers identify a budding development where the repute of a company online has direct impact on the bottom line returns.

So what is way that businesses make use of social media for managing online reputation? In the section below we discuss some ways:

Social Media as an SEO

Pessimistic Reviews adversely impacts Sales. If the prime keyword connected to a business shows such pessimistic results on the foremost page of Google as well as added search engines the sign is a worrying one indeed. You would not like likely clients trying to find your manufacture goods/ service to run into these pessimistic reviews/comments. Fortunately each and every social media site is a high power Dias for search engines. Generate your social media profile on all key social platforms for the business of yours. Make prudent use of keywords and also optimize your summary from keywords that happen to be the most vital to your company.

Picking the apt Social Media platforms

Try picking a platform that you are able to most successfully use for marketing your brand. Never forget considering your target viewers at the time of picking your social platform. A case in point is that a finance corporation may pick LinkedIn to connect with their clients because of it being a specialized platform that people use for business associated activity. On the other hand, an apparel trade name could use a Instagram/ Pinterest for doing their Social Media promotion.

3) Spread the affirmative things that people have been saying on your company on social media.

4) Be alert to Negative things that people have been saying on your brand name and act in response to them.

5) Listen to all the clients have been saying