Terms and Conditions

Using our website for any kind of information means that the user accepts and cannot modify the terms and condition set here in our site. Any kind of browsing in our website automatically indicates that the user is agreed with the terms and condition mentioned here. Our company has set some basic terms and conditions for every user and they need to follow them strictly without modifying them into any form.

Some of the aspects for which we have set our terms and condition are:-

  • Abuse prevention – sometimes users are found misusing the service owned from us. We have set terms and condition for this purpose so that we can legally bind the user before they can use our service. So any kind of illegal modification of the service provided by us will automatically involve legal issues in the extreme level and we can even penalize and call for imprisonment of the user. The minimum action which we take is preventing the user for lifetime on using our services.
  • Protecting our business – we do business with clients from all over the world. So our utmost goal is to protect our reputation in any possible form. We don’t want to hamper our status for any users’ uncertainty or misunderstanding.
  • Authorization of our content – All the content in this website is purely created by our experts’ team and all of them are unique. We never publish any content taken from elsewhere and without checking their authentication. If any of the users tries to use our content in any form then he/she or the organization will be penalized in extreme possible form.
  • Liabilities of our content – the information which are published in our website are mostly error free. We warn all the users that we are not at all responsible for any kind of error in the information shared in our website.

Buying our services

We have set terms and condition also for the buyers who are buying our services. The services which we provide for the customers are fixed and they cannot be changed for any kind of buyers. We accept all the payments through the most reputed and secured payment gateway. The payment gateway which is used in the website offers maximum options for the buyers and so the buyers can easily pay using any mode of payment. We do not take the responsibilities if any kind of wrong transaction is done by the buyer. The users can only avail our service after we have received the payment from the buyer. Generally we take 24 hours to validate everything and provide the service to the buyer.

While accepting the payment from the buyers, it is required to fill the form and make a registration. It is very much necessary to fill the form correctly. We have marked the important portion of the form with asterisks and the buyer must fill those columns without missing any of them. We take the liability of protecting the information shared in our website and we never share them with any third parties.